Mar 14, 2013

JLD Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes of JLD Editorial Committee Meeting

Date:  March 10, 2013

Attending:  Hiroki Furuyama, James Patrick, Lauren Sheridan, Tracy Miller, Connie Prenner

1.  Purpose and content of the blog was discussed and some ideas where shared for possible topics (as follows):

·      Online resources 
o   Perhaps including reviews
o   Other blogs
·      Happenings
o   ATA upcoming conference or summaries from previous conferences.
o   Other organizations as relevant
o   Other items of interest to translators between J and E
·      Getting it Right in Japanese pamphlet available
·      Getting Certified  (Izumi Suzuki and Connie Prener??) JE and EJ tests
·      Interviews with translators (Can Rika Mitrik interview Masae Sullivan this time?
·      Letters to the editor
·      Dictionary reviews
·      CAT Tools
·      Links to other blogs/sites of interest
·      Interesting/learning experiences to be shared (Tracy:  Interpreting in traumatic situations)
·      Looking for more ideas

2.  Guidelines
            Lauren will draw up a proposal for guidelines based on the document received from ATA (sent by James Patrick).  We will publish these on the blog to provide potential contributors.

3.  Also discussed incentives to get people to contribute like a link to their company’s blog or website.

Next meeting on skype:  April  14, 2013 8pm EST