Feb 24, 2015

Words and 言葉 by Jim Davis

Taken Out of Context:
The Importance of Context in Japanese-into-English Translation
(Part 3)

This month we continue with Professor Davis' series of examples illustrating how context provides essential information that can assist the Japanese-into-English translator in producing a translation that is complete, accurate, and natural sounding. In this installment: Example 5 - unraveling sense (感) and sensation; and Example 6 - awareness of loanwords and false friends.

Feb 1, 2015

Who’s Who in the JLD — Jim Patrick

Jim Patrick has been the Administrator of the JLD since 2013. Intrigued by the bio he submitted prior to the 2013 election, I decided to interview him. I have enjoyed learning more about Jim, and am pleased to share my new-found knowledge with the JLD membership.

利き手: Connie Prener

Translation training opportunity in Kanagawa

Nadine and I recently received this information from Fred Uleman about an upcoming translation training opportunity in Japan. See below for details. -Jim, JLD Admin

Translation Reboot Camp
The Translation Reboot Camp is an opportunity to learn from some of the very best in the J->E translation business in a concentrated series of workshops using field-specific material to provide broadly applicable insights. The small numbers, fantastic student:instructor ratio, and residential format with everyone (students and instructors alike) staying at the seminar facility ensure abundant problem-solving and discussion. If you already have some real-life J-E translation experience and want to improve your game, this is for you.
Participation is limited to twenty students.
Tony Atkinson, Sarah Bull, Helen Iwata, Ginny Takemori, Fred Uleman, and Richard Walker, each of whom will each lead a workshop in a specialty area and all of whom will provide advice on productivity enhancement, business practices, and more in an informal, personalized setting.
Starts on Friday evening (April 10), ends by noon on Sunday (April 12)
Shonan Village Center seminar facility in Hayama, Kanagawa
JPY100,000/person (includes single-room accommodations for two nights, five meals, and workshop materials; does not include transportation to and from the venue)
While we hope to repeat this initiative, including in the E->J direction, we cannot promise. If you are interested, sign up for this trail-blazing first one.
To register:
Registration starts when you complete the application form (available from rc[at]jpnres.com) and return it by March 15 at latest. Because we expect more applicants than we can accept, there will be a selection process and you will be notified by March 23. If you are accepted, you should please remit payment to the designated account by March 31. Failure to remit by that date will mean forfeiting your place, which will go to someone else.
Please address questions to rc[at]jpnres.com.