Nov 4, 2013

Welcome to San Antonio and the ATA 54th Annual Conference!

Welcome to San Antonio and the ATA 54th Annual Conference!
Japanese Language Division Open House

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-        We need volunteers to INTRODUCE presenters at the JLD sessions this year. Can you help?
-        We want to post SUMMARIES of each JLD session on the blog. Can you help?
-        Do you have any ideas for future sessions? Tell us what you would like to see.
-        Do you know any potential speaker? Tell us who would be a good presenter.
-        Contact Jim or Nadine if you want to help out in the Planning Committee for next year.
-        Write an article for the blog. Talk to Tracy Miller for details about how to get involved.
-        Start a discussion on the mailing list. Share interesting links.

Newcomers’ Lunch – Friday 1pm to 2pm at TBD
-        An informal lunch for JLD members new and old! Talk to Hiro Tsuchiya for details.
Annual Meeting – Friday 5pm to 6pm in Conference 11
-        Review election results, division business and begin plans for next year. Get involved!
Annual Dinner – Friday from 7pm at the Iron Cactus (200 River Walk Suite 100)
-        $45 per person. Only a few seats remaining. Talk to Hiroki Fukuyama ASAP!

Share your knowledge and interests. If you want to get more involved in the JLD, please contact JLD Administrator Jim Patrick ( or Assistant Administrator Nadine Edwards ( Have fun in San Antonio!