May 17, 2013

Minutes of the JLD Annual Meeting American Translators Association, 53rd Annual Conference

Minutes of the JLD Annual Meeting
American Translators Association, 53rd Annual Conference

Date:               October 25, 2012, 11:00 – 12:00
Venue:             Hilton San Diego Bayfront, San Diego, California

1.         Welcoming First Time Attendees

a)   The first time attendees were introduced and welcomed.

2.   Meeting Minutes from 2011

a)   It was reported that the minutes of the JLD annual meeting from 2011 are posted on the JLD website.

3.         Review of JLD Related Events throughout the Conference

a)   The planned JLD events including the scheduled sessions were reviewed for the participants’ convenience.

4.         Selection of the 2013 – 1014 JLD Officer Nominating Committee Members

a)   The following nominating committee members were selected:
                  Jon Johanning
                  Daniel MacLeith
                  Richard Mott

5.         JLD Times

a)   There was not much activity associated with the JLD Times in 2011. The only content posted was the summaries of the presentations from the 2010 Annual Conference and an advertisement for a meeting in Vancouver.

b)   The officers proposed that we needed a chief editor to run the JLD Times independently from other activities in which the officers are involved. A volunteer was solicited. (Later, Tracy Miller volunteered and she is now the Chief Editor.)

6.         2012 Conference Committee Efforts/Update

a)   The members’ efforts for organizing the presentations for the 2012 Annual Conference were recognized. The members were:
                        Elizabeth Bender                     Patricia Bowden
Amanda Katsurada                 Hiroki Fukuyama
                        Yoko Goodman                       Chisato Ichikawa
                        Daniel MacLeith                     Jonathan Merz
                        Tracy Miller                           Richard Mott
                        Kyoko Niwa                           James Patrick
Carl Sullivan                            Masae Sullivan                       
                        Hiroyuki Tsuchiya

b)   The JLD had seven sessions including the JLD annual meeting in 2012 as opposed to the usual 12. This is due to the fact that the ATA headquarters received an overwhelming number of proposals for 2012, and to the limited number of the conference rooms available at the venue. However, two sessions under the Science and Technology Division presented by a designated distinguish speaker, Dr. Robert Lyon from P&G (Basic Concepts of Pharmacology in Drug Development; Drugs of Abuse – a Pharmacological Perspective) were also arranged by the JLD. In effect, nine sessions were allocated to the JLD despite the competitive circumstance.

4.         2013 ATA Annual Conference Programs

a)   Many ideas were proposed by the members present at this meeting. Later, these ideas were carefully considered by the new committee members.

b)   The committee members for the programs for the 2013 Conference were selected:
                  Richard Bennett                      Nadine Edwards
                  Hiroki Fukuyama                    Morgan McDonald
                  Tracy Miller                           Kyoko Niwa
                  James Patrick                          Masae Sullivan
                  Gail Tanaka-Burns                  Shinichiro Tanaka

May 13, 2013

JATLAW Legal Translation Workshop

JATLAW Legal Translation Workshop
12:00 to 17:00 Friday, May 31, 2013, Peacock Room, Queen Kapiolani Hotel

RSVP: Required before May 31 JST by email to

Maximum participants: 20 people

Cost: Free for JAT members, $20 for non-JAT members

Refreshments: Pastries as well as Hawaiian coffee, tea, and fruit punch will be available throughout the afternoon for no extra cost.

About the workshop:
The JATLAW workshop offers an invaluable opportunity for practical instruction in the translation of many common legal provisions by highly experienced legal translation professionals as well as for networking with workshop instructors and other participants in an exclusive setting before the IJET Conference. The doors will open at 12:00 and the first session of the workshop will begin shortly thereafter. After a break to relax, network, and further enjoy the refreshments, the second session will run through to 5 o’clock. In both sessions, participants will work in small groups to produce translations of various legal provisions, and those translations will then be discussed as a group. Translators of all levels are encouraged to attend, and some materials will be made available beforehand if you wish to prepare.

About the instructors:
Gavin Fryer has been working as a freelance legal translator directly servicing law firms, companies, and other legal translation clients worldwide. Gavin has over a decade of experience in Japanese-to-English legal translation, several years of which was spent translating in-house, first at one of Japan's leading commercial law firms, and then at the Tokyo office of a major American law firm. He taught translation practice and theory at Sophia University 2004 - 2007 and legal writing at Temple University Japan in 2006, and he established the legal translation course at TUJ over 2006 - 2007. Since he started working as a freelance translator in 2007, Gavin has been balancing his time between working and living in Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and Denmark, studying law in an Australian JD program, and raising two baby boys with his Danish wife. He has a bachelor in Japanese language and a masters in translation and interpreting, both from the University of Queensland, Australia.