ATA 2013: Minutes of JLD Annual Meeting

American Translators Association, 54th Annual Conference
Marriott Rivercenter,
San Antonio, TX

Friday November 8th, 5:09 p.m. - 5:59 p.m.
Division officers present: Masae Sullivan, Jim Patrick, Hiroki Fukuyama
Division members present: ~ 25 members including 13 newcomers

  • Meeting called to order at 5:09 p.m. (DA Masae Suillivan)
  • Meeting Minutes from 2012
       It was reported that the minutes of the JLD Annual Meeting from 2012 were posted on the JLD Times Blog
       2012 minutes were accepted
  • 2013 Annual Meeting agenda introduced
  • Welcome
       Welcome of members and first time attendees/new members
       New members were asked to introduce themselves (roughly 13 newcomers)
  • Overview
       Remaining JLD events for the conference
  • 2013 Division Election Results announced
       Jim Patrick (new DA), and Nadine Edwards (new assistant DA)
       Present DA thanked nominating committee: Jon Johanning and Richard Mott
Meeting turned over to new DA
  • Remarks
       Past DA gave her remarks and thanks and encouraged all members to get involved
       Present DA
       Thanks to past Division officers Masae Suillivan and Hiroki Fukuyama for all their hard work.
       Recognized founding administrator Mr. John Bukacek who was also in attendance.
       Wants to focus on the JLD Times Blog this year. Encouraged members to participate.
       Thank you to those who have volunteered – introducing speakers and providing summaries.
       Recognized and thanked editorial committee lead by Tracy Miller.
  • Overview of 2013 by present DA:
       Annual meeting moved from session to special event.
       Certification workshop brought back on request.
       Revival of the JLD Times as a blog.
       The JLD is also on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • New DA asked for Volunteers for editorial committee.
  • Request for Feedback 5:34
  • Encouraged members to send feedback to ATA.
  • 5:39 p.m Called for Volunteers, ideas for presentations and further comments.
  • 5:59 Meeting adjourned.

Volunteers for Various Committees
Editorial Committee
Amy Franks
Bruce Morita (new volunteer)
Connie Prener
Hiroki Fukuyama
Lauren Sheridan
Rika Mitrik
Tracy Miller (editor)

Conference/Programs Planning
Bruce Morita
Hiroki Fukuyama
Hiro Tsuchiya
Izumi Suzuki
John Bukacek
Mutsuko Pease
Nathan Takase
Shannon Spears
Tracy Nishio
Yoshihiro Mochizuki

“Entertainment Committee” (Annual Dinner 2014 at ATA 55, Chicago)
Tracy Miller
Hiro Tsuchiya

John Bukacek

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