May 10, 2015

ATA 2014: Minutes of JLD Annual Meeting

The minutes of our Annual Meeting at the ATA conference are now available.
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Minutes of the JLD Annual Meeting 2014
American Translators Association, 55th Annual Conference
Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers,
Chicago, IL

Thursday November 6th, 16:45. – 17:45
Division Officers present: James Patrick, Nadine Edwards (Rec.)
Division members present: 60 (?) including 25 newcomers

·     Meeting called to order at 16:48 by Division Administrator
·     2014 Meeting agenda read and accepted
·     2013 Annual Meeting minutes accepted
·     Overview
o   JLD activities for the rest of ATA55
o   JLD committees’ activities in 2014
·     Welcome first time attendees, and new members
·     There will be elections for JLD officers (Division Administrator, Assistant Administrator) in 2015.
o   Call for volunteers for the Nominating Committee (see separate sheet)
·     Conference Planning
o   Thank you to last year’s volunteers! We were able to put together 8 strong sessions despite our recommendation for a DS being waitlisted.
o   Request for volunteers
o   Discussion – can we try again for sessions that were rejected?
o   Ideas (see separate sheet)
·     Networking Committee (“Entertainment Committee”)
o   Thank you to last year’s volunteers! This year we continued with the Newcomer’s Lunch (about 30 attendees) and project to have 75 attendees at dinner.
o   Ideas for next year? Morikawa Park and Museum
o   Does the style work? Let’s do a buffet style deal where people can move around and mingle (done this year at SUSHI TAIYO).
o   DA/ADA asks: We have had a surplus accumulating since the New York conference. What should we do?
§  Keep a surplus. Budget the event to produce a surplus, cap it and use the extra the following year for the additional event (Cliff Bender, H. Tsuchiya, S. Suloway).
·     Editorial Committee
o   Thank you to last year’s volunteers! Special thanks to Jim Davis on the Words and Kotoba series (our first).
o   New volunteers? (see separate sheet)
·     Comments /Announcements
o   JATINT – InterpretJAPAN - Interpreting for Tomorrow (29 November, Tokyo)
o   IJET26, York, England, June 2015
o   JAT 2014 Anthologies Available
o   The Japan Association of Translators has been working on
§  JAT Patent Translators workshop
§  JAT Patent SIG (you do not have to be a member of JAT), JATPAT SIG Wiki 0 questions to Cliff Bender in the mean time.

Meeting adjourned at 17:48.

JLD Annual Meeting 2014
Volunteer and Ideas List

·     Conference Planning – 2015 Miami Ideas
·       How to read engineering diagrams? (Tanya Pound先生)
·       Auto industry jargon, in house emails
·       KEIGO
o   Handling polite Japanese
o   Business Japanese (modern)
o   なんちゃった敬語
·       How is the Japanese language changing? Trends in Modern Japanese Usage
·       Hard to decipher documents
o   Tips and tricks to decipher handwriting/ hand written documents (MOCHIZUKI)
o   Handling Legalese, legal concepts, approach from the Meiji period and before??
o   Handling older documents, techniques (Ajani O., Masae)
§  Who did you use as resources?
·       Drug development and launching in the USA (by Japanese companies)
·       Interpreting for the Aged and Demented (Shivani N.)
·       Sight translation as a means of improving skills (TANYA先生)
·       Making Good Choices (Jim Davis)

·     Conference Planning – Volunteers
o   Nathan Takase, Stephen Suloway, Shivani Nandi, Nicholas Sturtevant

·     Networking Committee (“Entertainment Committee”)
o   Ajani Oloye, Michael Yocum
o   Nicholas Sturtevant (2016, San Francisco)

·     Editorial Committee
o   Sarah Lindholm
o   Paul Koehler
o   Celine Browning

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  1. I apologize for not posting this earlier, but here are the minutes for the JLD Annual Meeting last November in Chicago.