Aug 25, 2010

Colorado Adventure Trip

Colorado is also well-known for its mountains, rivers, lakes and hot springs. A great many people from all around the world visit Colorado every year for skiing, river rafting, hiking, biking, hunting and fishing, etc. The KLD Hospitality Committee is pleased to announce an exciting 2 day trip for KLD, JLD, and CLD members to visit different places in Colorado.

10/30/2010 (Saturday)

1:00PM Depart from Denver (Hyatt Hotel) to Winter Park, Colorado
3:00PM Arrive at condominium (6 people per unit. Each unit has 3 bed rooms.)
4:00PM Tour around the Winter Park downtown, go to hot springs
7:00PM Get together for dinner and socializing at condominium (cook ramen or Korean
food together, ingredients will be provided on site)
10:00PM Sleep

10/31/2010 (Sunday)

6:00AM Wake up
7:00AM Walk by the river
8:00AM Come back to condominium and have breakfast together
10:00AM Check out time
12:00PM Stop by Blackhawk and Central City (casinos and historic mining town)
12:10PM Have lunch buffet
1:00PM Tour around the city and leave for Coors Brewery
2:00PM Arrive at Coors Brewery (can taste up to 3 beers, water or sodas for free)
4:30PM Leave the brewery
5:00PM Tour the historic city of Golden (home of Colorado School of Mines) and also
the first city of Colorado
5:45PM Arrive in Downtown Denver
6:30PM Dinner in Downtown Denver
8:00PM Walking tour of 16th Street (Free Shuttle)
9:30PM Go back to one’s own hotel

Cost & Payment Method:
$200 per person (a bed/person, food and transportation are included)
Please mail a check to Mr. Kipyo Alexander Han, Chair of KLD Hospitality Committee by 10/1/2010. Please mail the check to the following address.

Mr. Kipyo Alexander Han
1182 S Washington Street
Denver CO 80210

*If you have questions, please contact Mr. Kipyo Alexander Han, Chair of KLD Hospitality Committee, at or . To check for last minute changes, please check the Hospitality Committee page of the KLD website at

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