Feb 15, 2013

Not Dead, Just on Life-Support

Dear Editorial Staff,

I stuck my hand up at the recent ATA conference to lead the charge to bring the JLD Times back to life.  Luckily, thanks to you with a few surgeons and nurses to help lead the charge, I hope we can make this a valuable, useful tool and resource for our language division. However, we need input, volunteers, writers and people who are maybe just willing to put those of us on the committee in contact with other resources that might have a contribution to make.  I would like to set up a discussion on skype or maybe start a thread in this blog.

Here's a few ideas to hopefully get the ball rolling:
  • Regular report from conference committee 
  • Industry reports 
  • Borrowing from other resources (ATA makes some funds available for these purposes)
  • Tools sharing corner (Have a good tool, report it here)
I hope this will get some discussion going.  I know we are all busy and have demands on our time besides translation, but we owe it to our colleagues and to the development of our profession to contribute whatever small part possible.  Thank you for volunteering to help.  

Please let me know if you would be available for a skype meeting on a regular basis (once a month?), or have other ideas about how to revive JLD Times.  I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Tracy Miller
Skype name:  tracymillertranslation
Phone: (269)601-9910

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  1. What do you think about allowing contributors and authors a bit of free advertising by posting a link to their website under a contributors' section in exchange for making valuable contributions?