Nov 2, 2014

JLD Open House Wednesday at 7pm

Dear JLD,

The Annual Conference in Chicago is right around the corner. I hope to see many of you there!

Wednesday night things kick off with the Welcome Reception at 6pm, and immediately following at 7pm we will have our Division Open House as we do every year. I believe we will be in the "Chicago 10" room. So when the main reception starts to wind down, please look for other JLD members congregating together.

The Open House is a chance for members to meet and mingle. Nadine and I will be handing out a flyer with information on JLD resources and ways to get involved. The Open House is a nice chance to see who else from the JLD is at the conference and to meet new people.

We have a good slate of presentations lined up in Chicago. Every year we ask for volunteers to introduce presenters, track time and just generally help the speakers out. Also, we try to post brief summaries of each presentation to the JLD Times Blog after the conferences for those would cannot attend. If you would be willing to volunteer to introduce a presenter and/or write a summary for the blog, please contact Nadine or me, either via email or in person at the conference.

See you in Chicago!

-Jim Patrick
JLD Admin

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