Nov 13, 2014

Thank You, JLD Volunteers

I would like to thank all the people who made the JLD, and ATA, activities possible at the Conference.  I think this year was another resounding success.  It was the second most attended ATA conference in ATA history.  Also thanks to James, Nadine, Hiro, Hiroki and anyone else who contributed to a very interesting and well-balanced JLD slate of sessions.

Speaking of which, if you attended a session that was of particular interest, please share it with your colleagues who may have attended a different session.   We will try to get them posted here as soon as possible.  If you have pictures to share, you can post some here.  Click here for overall conference photos, and here for election results.

You can send an email to this blog master, or Nadine at if you did a summary of a session.  It doesn't have to be a thesis, just share your thoughts, ideas, experiences or other interesting Japanese English translation stuff with colleagues.

Please keep in mind that it takes just a little time and effort from a lot of people to keep the JLD a vibrant venue for exchange with colleagues.  We need your help, with all areas of the JLD.  If you have not considered helping before, please do.  It's a wonderful way to get to know others in your industry.  Talk to James, Nadine, Hiroki or myself.   We'd love to talk about it.

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